Hi, I'm Mark,

Just your regular tech loving guy.

I’m an independent freelance web designer, developer and I.T specialist living in Nagcarlan, Laguna.I am currently working as a front-end developer for Gift Time Pte Ltd. Also currently studying as an Information Technology student in Dalubhasaan ng Lunsod ng San Pablo.

Things I Can Do

We'll, a few.

  • Write all the code
  • Stack small boxes
  • Read books and stuff
  • Drink much coffee
  • Lightning bolt
  • Shadow clone technique
  • Play RO like crazy
  • Drive a Dullahan's horse
  • Watch anime and kdramas all night
  • Fix your computer
  • Break the strings of my guitar
  • Listen to all of your stories
  • Investigate the territories outside the walls and reclaim the human territory of Titan-infested lands
  • Beat the game without reaching floor 100 by beating the GM

For You

Would you like to have your own website? We'll It would be my joy to be of service.
Email me at bituin.chrismark@gmail.com for more details.